Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Does NEXTV offer the free trial period?
Q: Are the channels Time-Shifted?
Q: Do you have 'Catch Up TV'?
Q: Does NEXTV plan to add new channels to the packages?

Security Questions

Q: How do you keep my personal information?
Q: Is the online registration secure?

Technical Questions

Q: What are the requirements for NEXTV?
Q: What is the minimum required Internet speed?
Q: How can I measure my Internet speed?
Q: How to install the set-top box?
Q: How to install NEXTV?
Q: Do I need to invite technician to install and activate my box and NEXTV?

Payment Questions

Q: Is there a unified price for all NEXTV service?
Q: What forms of payments does NEXTV accept?
Q: If I have few set-top boxes how much do I have to pay?
Q: Why do I have to know my billing date?