About Us

Our Vision

To preserve cultural identity and promote world understanding.

Our Mission

To connect the multicultural people living in North America with the best informative & entertaining programming from their homeland. We are dedicated to serving the unique blend of cultures that exist in North America

Who We Are

NEXTV has been launched by Ethnic Channels Group to deliver variety of ethnic channels to customers through the Internet.

Nowadays NEXTV delivers more than 60 TV channels from all over the world, offering German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Filpino, Russian, South Asian and other packages.

What We Do

NEXTV is the service provided through the Internet using Over The Top (OTT) technology. NEXTV delivers high quality video and audio to the subscriber's home using their existing high speed internet connection. The combination of encoding and streaming technology and set-top-box, offers a compelling end-to-end solution

NEXTV provides the multicultural people living in North America with a unique and affordable multicultural link to their homeland, delivering top-quality content directly to their living room.